TrellMe Trello Reporting

glyphicons_010_envelope.png   Daily Snapshot in Email

Receive a daily snapshot of all your Trello boards every morning. Start your day with a view of upcoming cards, overdue cards, changes in the last day and overall status of all your information.

glyphicons_053_alarm.png  Timely Notifications

Get notification emails when a card assigned to you is due.

glyphicons_229_retweet_2.png  ... and more

We're working on our roadmap for next set of features to build out. Give us inputs (on our Trello board) and we'll add on new features that make your life easy.

glyphicons_282_cardio.png Feeling adventurous?

Help test out the tool on our Development server and give us inputs on our Trello board. Note that this may not be available at all times, and could change on you as we work on getting the tool ready for Beta launch. If you prefer to wait until it's stable, get added to the list below to be notified when we open it up for beta.

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